Macro Monday

tree flower

I have been keeping my eye on several trees near my condo…waiting for a day when the breezes were at a minimum. These blossoms have been hanging on for several weeks and I wanted to capture an image when the branches were holding still. Patience paid off last Monday.

As usual, I don’t know what kind of tree this is, but I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Lumber Slices

This post inspired by Ragtag Daily Prompt: Lumber

Five years ago this month, our two prized birch tree clumps had to be taken down from the front yard. They were almost 30 years old…but getting too large to be safe. Especially during high winds. Or bending with the weight of ice and snow in the winter. Branches dying off one by one.

It was time.

We hired a local tree service, who arrived one morning to remove the trees.
It took a while, but down they went.



I asked for some slices to keep


One of which was treated and preserved.

The last survivor now sits in the living room of our new home.