Last Ups

BeckyB’s January Squares: Up


I am very late to the party known as BeckyB’s January Squares challenge. Since it’s not technically too late, I’ll slide in for the last day.

Photography continued during my hiatus from blogging and a few entries emerged (or should I say – came up)…

Cracking up or breaking up can take on many meanings. I captured a literal example during a very cold walk by the tidal river near my home last month.

Finally…here’s to looking up (in all its manifestations)…as this snowman is doing…after being all shook up by yours truly.

I’m already looking forward to Becky’s April Squares challenge. By then it will be Spring!


This post inspired by: January photo a day challenge

Today’s challenge…Snowman.

My favorite holiday decoration is a small (~5″) glass Snowman…given to me by a good friend a few years ago. Last month it rested on our mantle, but before I tucked it away until next year…he struck a few poses on our windowsill.

I appreciate his positive attitude…despite being a snowman with only a hat and scarf to keep warm.