Favorite Things

This post inspired by Lens Artist Challenge #49

The prompt: Favorite Things


With a focus on things – rather than people or places – my favorites narrowed down to the irreplaceable.

The sentimental things…that connect with my favorite people.

The massive downsizing I endured 3 years ago crystallized what, in theory, I had known all along. The things I let go of…it was just stuff. Not so important after all.


The things I kept: photo albums dating back 40 years…filled with favorite people and places.


Two scrapbook journals. Documenting my children’s school years. From all perspectives. Spaces for tiny handwritten Montessori “books.” School photos. Sample schoolwork. Report cards. Awards won. Games played. Birthdays. Sports. School portraits. Trips. Thoughts. Reflections – as only a young child can voice.

…End of school year answers on the “Favorites” page: Friends…Books…Music…Sports…Teams…Television Shows…Movies and Videos…Clothes…Foods…Places to Go…Things to Do.

And my favorite? Starting in grade 5…Aspirations and Goals 

schoo days

Bindings stretched to the breaking point with details and documents.
Then carefully repaired.

Preserving snapshots of time from preschool to grade 12.

Tucked in the back…college graduations. Marathon stats. Wedding clipping. Post grad honors. Stretched a bit more.

Two childhoods well lived.

Two children well loved.