Stay-at-Home Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Tulips 2020

Mother’s Day in the age of coronavirus has taken on a different shade…

Even before this new 2020 reality hit us between the eyes, Mother’s Day was sometimes lonely. Empty nesters like me missed our adult children more than usual. Memories of sweet smiles and shouts of Happy Mother’s Day Mommy, followed by hugs, a homemade card and when older…perhaps breakfast in bed.

Who knew back then how fleeting those times really were? I just relished the moments as they happened.

My adult children weren’t always able to make the trip back to our family home for Mother’s Day – although they often tried and succeeded (probably because my birthday often overlapped!). This year – with all the unknowns and fears hanging over us – it seemed even harder to be apart. Perhaps also because there was no choice in the matter. FaceTime of course helped, but there’s nothing like an in-person hug.

During a long ago trip to San Diego, California, I bought a print made by Sally Huss, a local artist. It grabbed my heart at the time. My children were still teenagers. And I thought…yessss….

Today it has taken on a whole added perspective and an even bigger YESSSS…

sally huss049



Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo. The prompt: City


My favorite vacation destination city is San Diego, California. The place for shopping at Horton Plaza and Seaport Village. Or checking out the museums at Balboa Park – including the Hall of Fame Sports Museum (now closed). The San Diego Zoo and Spreckels Organ performances. Sightseeing and getting a family photo taken dressed up in “old time” outfits in Old Town.

And of course theater! And delicious food and drink (one memorable dinner at China Camp is part of family lore).

Coronado is just over the bridge from San Diego …

It’s where I took this photo of the San Diego skyline…one sunny day in 2006.


San Diego, California


Fun Fact: Traveling across the Coronado Bay Bridge is a unique experience. When we visited with our 2 kids, we rented a minivan. While driving from Coronado to San Diego and back again, I knick named it the “scary bridge.” I insisted we stay in the middle lane and avoided looking out the side window. Sitting up higher in a minivan means you don’t see the bridge side barriers.

As I recall, the kids thought it was quite exciting.

This is a video someone else posted of this scary drive.



Dream Vacation

Inspired by Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #55: Dreamy


Living in the northeastern United States, I have endured many snowstorms, blizzards and variations on the theme of freezing rain and sleet. Along with gloomy cloudy skies for days on end – with matching sub freezing temperatures.

I know there are people who enjoy the sitting-by-a-roaring-fire aspect of that time of year…known as late fall, winter and early spring where I live. They enjoy wearing multiple layers of cozy flannel shirts, wool socks and thick sweaters. Before venturing outdoors. To navigate the front steps. Which are icy.

Not me.

I dream of warm…and sunny…and relaxing.


San Diego – more specifically Coronado, California.

I was lucky enough to vacation there 6 or 7 times. Just my husband and me. Our two children came along twice. They loved it too.

In 2006 – my last visit there – it was me, myself and I.  Back when I could travel easily. Hustling through an airport with several suitcases…not a problem. Eating whatever and wherever I wanted to. Enjoying local cuisine…with no worries or restrictions.

And most importantly: the energy to walk and explore for hours.

I’m so glad I didn’t wait.


Coronado Beach 2006
california031 copy 2
Sunset Cliffs, San Diego 1999
Coronado Beach 2006





This post inspired by April photo a day Challenge

Today’s prompt: Festive

San Diego, California is one of my favorite places to visit. Especially in March, when it is cold (and often snowy) at home…in New England.
Too often…by that time of year…enough is enough.

Although I haven’t returned since 2006, I think of my own little festive piece of paradise often.

Warm sun. Sandy beaches. Friendly people. Delicious food. A true vacation.
In fact, we loved it so much, we visited twice one year.

In June, 2000 we went with our two children. Ages 18 and 12 at the time. It was one of our last family vacations…for just the four of us.

One of the highlights of our week away was a day trip to the Del Mar Fair…now called the San Diego County Fair. The longest midway I’d ever seen. Games of chance. Farm animal exhibits. Pig races. Carnival rides. Crafts. Dozens of commercial vendors selling everything from license plate holders to tomato slicers to “Smart Nails.” Everything As Seen On TV and more.

Entertainment was nonstop throughout the day…including an evening Little Richard concert. And the food? Oh my goodness – my first taste of sweet potato fries with a ranch dressing dip. Who knew?

Views from the ferris wheel…

del mar fair 2000

del mar fair 2005 copy 2