This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Road

road to capitol
Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC

The Newseum, my favorite museum in Washington, DC, is located on historic Pennsylvania Ave between the United States Capitol and the White House.

This is the view from the top floor of the Newseum looking towards the Capitol building. During a Father’s Day weekend visit in 2011 to visit our son.

(I am sad to learn that the Newseum is closing at the end of 2019. Pending a sale to Johns Hopkins University)

Quote of the Day…

For me, writing something down is the only road out.

Anne Tyler



Ah…but where?
Where to start that road?  The way out.
Gotta begin digging somewhere. Turning over rocks. Roots. Dirt.
The perfect spot.
Or the less than perfect spot…but the best spot.

Which direction…right…left…forward…backward?
Prepare the foundation. For strength. Support.
Begin at the middle? the end?
Curb? Maybe no curb. Perhaps it will be wider than normal.
That’s okay.

And those trees. In the way? Or build around them?
Maybe no trees.
Maybe flowers instead.
Color it up.
Or not.


A proper base for the layer of asphalt. Maybe concrete.
Or perhaps just throw down some gravel and be done with it.
Or forget the fancy stuff and pack down the dirt.
After all it’s just a road.
But it’s your road.

How does one find this road?…that’s up to you.

A sign.
A name.
So travelers will know.
It’s your road out.