Tuesday Photo Challenge – Toys

Here is my entry for this week’s challenge hosted by “Dutch goes the Photo.”


The theme this week is “Toys”

I believe toys are a crucial piece of childhood. Practice for “real life” and a way to learn and figure out who you are. Toys are serious business!


Once there was a 4 year old girl who thoroughly enjoyed taking care of her toy buddies – Bears, Monkeys, Little dolls, Big dolls, Bunnies, Doggies. She and her daddy even made chairs for them – painted red with leftover house paint.

Her own child sized chairs, covered with a blanket, provided space for her larger buddies. At mealtime, it was crucial to get everyone ready and in position…for whatever feast she had prepared in a tiny tin roaster pan. Part of a cooking set handed down from her mom. Plastic food and all.

This photo captures one of those times.


This little girl grew up to be a passionate educator…and an excellent cook, baker and party planner. And a mom. Just to name a few of the many destinations her toys led her to.