The plant came back…

One Word Sunday: Inspiration


The wooded area in back of my condo is kind of a mess in spots. Partially nature’s way…broken branches…matted leaves…trees felled by disease and high winds.

And partially human caused.

Apparently it has become the final resting place for potted plants which have seen better days. Or plants their owners have given up on. I don’t completely understand that…as I still have a philodendron from 1978.

However…today as I was making my way back from a walk on this bright & beautiful afternoon, I noticed the plant dumping ground had a lone come-back-to-life stem of flowers showing off in the sun.

Very inspiring…

plant pot
Plant Pot Survivor

🎶…but the plant came back, they thought it was a goner…but the plant came back🎶

Layered life

Lens-Artists Challenge #68: Layered

…we invite you to explore Layers. You can include images of buildings, landscapes, seascapes, clouds, etc.


I am always fascinated to get a glimpse of what goes on in the hidden places. The mysteries of plant life navigating from seed to stem to flower. Or whatever its destiny may be.

The intricate dance of soil, water and nutrients essential for success…seems miraculous.  Tender shoots of life making their way to the sun. Surviving despite obstacles…both nature and human caused.

A cross section of one hidden place was on display recently…when a recent rainstorm dislodged a support wall alongside a brook near the town park.

layers of plants

My first thought was to crop the image to highlight the layers of exposed roots and stones in the center. Then I realized…no, it is all part of a larger and equally complex layered landscape. In a scene that literally stopped me in my tracks during a late afternoon walk.

This brook also travels south and eventually empties into a tidal river that flows behind old brick buildings in the downtown area.

A site for more layers.

There I discovered plant life…layered in glorious fall colors…crawling up, down and across a brick and stone canvas.

layered walls

Stopped in my tracks once again.