A long time ago

This post inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #36: Wild Card

…Go back over the last week’s worth of posts or so, and notice any words or phrases that repeat themselves. I’m talking adjectives, or verbs, maybe nouns.



Long ago at the age of 9, I received
…a small red diary with a key.

I was one among many children
Armed with a powerful place,
To preserve what happened…
in the illusion of privacy.
Safely locked up tight with a tiny key
Hung on a tiny ribbon.
So long ago

And so it began.
This writing life.
For me and many others
A lifetime ago.

Pouring out our secrets. The ups and downs.
Today I went to school…After school I played outside...I collected bees in a jar…I poked holes in the lidI did my homework…it was hard.

Scrawled sentences tucked in at day’s end…I got in troubleI cleaned up the playroom…Nobody loves me…It is boiling hot out.
Today was an exciting day…we had hamburgers…went to the Dairy Queen.

I watched: The Addams Family…Valentine’s Day and Gomer Pyle.

Important pages to a young writer
Who never imagined
They’d be such a treasure
Many years later
When the age of 9 would be…

Such a long time ago


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Memories

Here is my entry for this week’s challenge hosted by Frank at  Dutch goes the Photo

This was definitely a challenge.
Just choosing one photo. Out of a zillion (well maybe not a zillion, but close)

So many wonderful memories of the last few decades.

When I stumbled upon this photo in my search, I remembered Frank’s suggestion: don’t hesitate to go for the whimsical.


Father’s Day 2008

My two adult children made it a point to be home to celebrate with their father. As they always did – and still do – they let the silliness of childhood surface. My son had recently found this road sign while at his local summer job.
I have no idea why he kept it, except that it became a handy prop. For a photo taken while waiting for the steaks to grill. Creative minds at work…when Mom wanted another photo of the two of them.

Another example of the joyful, silly, irreverent atmosphere that permeated their childhood. And our life together as a family of four.
And their close relationship – even at almost 6 years apart.