Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Roads

Cee’s Challenge topic this week: Roads: country, freeway, streets, dirt, etc.


Running a marathon.
It’s a long road…
26.2 grueling miles to be exact.

Single minded determination, resilience…and hours of training.

My personal experience?
Limited to one as an enthusiastic observer…
Whooping and hollering…Yay!! Woo Hoo!!…from the sidelines.

Along with crowds of cheering fans, I watched as runners pounded the pavement. All ages, shapes and sizes. Clutching water bottles. Sucking on energy gels. Sweaty. Eyes focused.

Squeezed into a space along the marathon route, I waited…for my daughter (Boston Marathon 2008)…or my son (Rock & Roll DC Marathon 2014)…at different spots along the way.
Yayyyyy! Woo Hoo!!
Before hurrying to the finish line….

All those runners seeking a personal best.
For themselves. For charity.
A long road.
An amazing achievement.


DC marathon
Washington, DC


DC Marathon 2014
Washington, DC
Finish Line


Boston marathon 2008
Boston, MA
Finish Line