A Peaceful Kind of Skyline

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One Word Sunday: Skyline


Lake Champlain – June, 2019

Thanks to the kindness of dear “old” friends, I enjoyed this view across Lake Champlain last year. I was treated to a peek at the Adirondack Mountains of New York while waiting for a sunset one evening…during a relaxing weekend visit at their summer home in Vermont.

Hopefully next summer it will be safe to return.

Sunset at the lake

Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Sunset

…please share your favorite sunset moments, whether they are at the beach, at the city or over the mountains.


Since I love watching sunsets…and therefore taking photographs of sunsets, it was a bit of a challenge to decide which photo to use for this challenge.

sunset vermont
Sunset over Lake Champlain

So I settled on my most recent sunset experience. I took this photo in June when visiting friends at their summer cottage on Lake Champlain in Vermont. This is the view from their back porch…looking out across the lake…New York state in the distance.

I sure could get used to that view!


Framing the Shot

Inspired by Lens-Artists Challenge #60: Framing the Shot

This week, we will explore different ways of framing images. Many photographers agree on one thing about framing – that it can help direct the viewers eyes to where you want them to look.


It’s hard to believe the summer of 2019 is – for the most part – in the rear view. I don’t know what it is about summer, but it always seems to “go by” faster than winter with its endless cold dark days.

This summer, we traveled more than usual. Not very far…Vermont in June and Washington DC in June and August. No trips overseas or cross-country. Which is okay…longer distance travel is probably not going to happen anymore. Also okay.

As always – no matter how far I travel – I document. My ongoing attempts to freeze time.

For this challenge, these 2 shots came to mind.

The first one is from our three day June visit with friends on Lake Champlain in North Ferrisburgh, Vermont. We witnessed spectacular sunsets over dinner from their back porch.

At one point venturing closer to lake’s edge for unobstructed views…

lake frame
Sunset on Lake Champlain – framing the shot

During our second visit to Washington DC we spent a few hours babysitting for our 3 year old grandson. A few blocks away his parents started painting his new bedroom a pale shade of pink…in preparation for their move a few days later.

I think he sensed that big changes were in the air. After an hour of making multiple garages with magnetic tiles for his miniature construction trucks with Grandma & Grampa, he became restless and began looking for Mama.

That is, until we heard a Home Depot flatbed delivery truck across the street. The front porch offered the best view…as we watched one man unload a large pallet of lumber and building materials. By himself! With an attached forklift! Fascinating stuff for a lover of all things construction.

Several minutes of respite for a 3 year old…and for Grampa too.

guys watching lumber
Two guys on the porch



Nancy Merrill is hosting a photo challenge. The prompt this week: View



Look at this view!

My dear friend of almost 40 years pointed across the lake from her new summer home on Lake Champlain in Vermont. One sunny July day in 2010.

Look at it!

She and her husband had recently moved in…when I first visited this magnificent spot. The dining room, situated at the back of the house, faced the lake. Seats at the table…arranged for maximum view potential.

My husband and I recently returned from a wonderful 3 day visit. Enjoying their company. The conversation. The shared meals. Walks along the lake. A trip to a museum. A few games of cards.

And especially…that view!

view afternoon
The View
6:30 pm


view inside
The View
7:30 pm


view sunset
The View
8:30 pm