Tuesday Photo Challenge – Roll

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Roll

Back in the olden days…the 1970’s…I’d haul out my Canon SLR camera to take pictures. My very first SLR. Graduating from an “Instamatic” to the big time. For documenting important events. Vacations. Day to day happenings.

After passing down this camera to my daughter when she graduated from high school, I stepped up to a Pentax SLR with an automatic zoom.

These cameras needed rolls of 35mm film. Which needed to be developed and printed. Filling dozens of photo albums. I was motivated to…try to…set a limit on how many photos I took.
Unlike now in the digital age.

I unearthed several new rolls for this prompt – still packed in with the Pentax. Survivors of the downsizing.


film 2
Film Survivors