An Irregular Regular

Inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #81: regulars





I see you here more often than most of the wait staff!

I looked up.

It was one of the waitresses.

I recognized her – 50-ish, tall, dressed in the black non-uniform worn by all the staff…a front apron pocket stuffed with pens and order pads. She tended to march from table to table. Very business like. An air of efficiency. The woman who called everyone Honey.

She had spotted me sitting at the table I usually request – at the rear of the restaurant – in a quieter section where chairs are straight backed and kind to my osteoporotic spine. I was alone, waiting for a friend to join me for lunch. Studying the menu…which was unnecessary really, as I practically had it memorized.

I wasn’t sure what her comment was meant to convey. Was it a positive? A negative? Her expression…non-committal…perhaps even a bit stern…as if this was an announcement of some significance. And I was missing the point.

I do tend to overthink…while at the same time always curious as to why people say what they say. So I plunged ahead…

You have a great – and varied – gluten free menu. It is hard to find a restaurant that takes it seriously for those of us with celiac disease. I really appreciate the care you take here.

She nodded. Agreed with me. And off she went…or rather…marched.

I am also a member of their Loyalty Program – points and a free lunch after 10 visits. Ten salads with chicken and hold the onions and dressing on the side. And please remember the warm gluten free roll. They usually do.

Apparently I am a regular, although for reasons I am still trying to understand…I am not entirely comfortable with it.

I’d much rather be the observer than the observed.