Macro Monday: Gone to Seed

How many of you used to look for those white puffballs as a kid? Those mysterious used-to-be dandelions with fuzzy heads that mysteriously appeared every year – sprouting up in lawns most everywhere.

I did. I was never disappointed.

I’d gently pick one…carefully…at the base of the stem…and then blow the fluffy hairs all over the place. Or run around and wave it back and forth until the fluff was gone.

If I was really lucky I found a perfect one, all hairy things (as I called them) still attached. It didn’t go over too well with my parents who were trying to rid the yard of dandelions.

Those are the seeds. Stop! Those are the seeds!


There are plenty of dandelions where I live now and nobody would care if I were to resurrect such rebellious behavior from childhood. I don’t think it is listed as a prohibited activity in the long list of condo Rules and Regulations.

However, now…I have a healthier respect for the natural progression of all things nature – as well as the fact that running through the woods waving an old dandelion would not be nearly as easy and carefree as it used to be.

I’d rather take its picture…

Dandelion gone to seed

It got me thinking…what is a dandelion called when it gets to this stage of life…besides “old dandelion”?

How does it get from yellow petals to white seeds?

Apparently – and unsurprisingly – I’m not the only inquiring mind that wants to know. So for those interested…Ms. Google pointed me to a demonstration of the process on (where else) YouTube.

However, I could not find a consensus about an actual name for this stage except “white seed head”…”sometimes called blowballs or clocks.”

Mmmm…I think I prefer “puffball.” It has a nicer ring to it.

Sunshine’s Macro Monday: Dandelion!

Sunshine’s Macro Monday #40


As my late father-in-law used to say…

There is no such thing as a weed!

Keep in mind that his life’s work was a business that involved searching deep in the woods – spade or hook in hand – digging up and collecting a wide variety of wildflowers and plants. Which he shipped across the country and overseas. I worked for him one summer while I was dating his son, my future husband. It was back breaking hard work. Under a cloud of bug spray, I was determined to keep up.  I had no idea what plant was what. But my father-in-law did and I was continually impressed at his expertise and memory.

So if there’s no such thing as a weed, then why all the weed killers for sale in hernia busting bags at the garden supply store…that happen to include “dandelion” on the list of what gets eliminated?

Is it because dandelions sprout up on their own…uncontrolled…independent…not easily contained in a neat boxed off garden bed? A splash of yellow appearing uninvited in the middle of an otherwise well tended green lawn?

They look like flowers to me.

I used to enjoy the grubby handfuls of dandelions my smiling young children would bring to the kitchen door. Carefully collected from various surprise appearances throughout our half acre…Mommy these are for you!

Yesterday, I spotted a dandelion that survived the condo association’s weed killing efforts.


It was all alone in the sunshine.

Three cheers!