Choice Connections

Inspired by Lens-Artist Challenge #53: Your Choice

Happy Anniversary to the women who host the Lens-Artist Challenge – celebrating one year by…suggesting that you respond to today’s challenge with any subject that’s near and dear to YOUR hearts, as we’ve done with our images today. If you’d prefer some guidance, choose any of the four subjects we’ve selected this week (Friendship, Imagination, Connected or A Country that’s special to you).


What subject is near and dear to my heart?

My family…and scenes like this one from post Christmas 2017 festivities.

Enjoying a family sing-along.

Complete with my husband, son-in-law, son & daughter on guitar and my 18 month old grandson on his new kid-size djembe drum.

I am carefully balanced on a step stool trying my best to capture the moment. While singing.


sing-along 2017
Family Circle 2017


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Connections

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Connections

The often under appreciated member of the cruciferous vegetable family deserves some attention.

Not a colorful clump like its broccoli and brussels sprout cousins, it doesn’t stand out…or appear on many food magazine covers.

Don’t be fooled though…
Cauliflower is chock full of crunchy connections.
And vitamins and minerals and antioxidants oh my!


A Head of Cauliflower

Where connections come together

cauliflower head


cauliflower connections