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V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #21: Veil

As If

Veils deceive.
Camouflage. Conceal.
Disguise. Hide.
Cover up.
But not forever.

Cloaked in flimsy sheerness
Secrets slither from splits.
Haunting. Horrific. Hazy.
If you dare to peer inside
For a brief moment.
Which you rarely do.
For close to a lifetime.

Family behind a curtain.
Membrane wrapped tight
Barely concealing fear.
Hiding guilt.
And shame.

Perpetuating the as if.
As if there is kindness.
As if there is love.
As if there is trust.
As if this is real.

Binding frayed
One’s veil yanked away.
Left alone. Unmasked.

Nowhere to look
But straight at the light.
Pain. Loss. Truth.


night sky