This post inspired by April photo a day Challenge

Today’s prompt: Festive

San Diego, California is one of my favorite places to visit. Especially in March, when it is cold (and often snowy) at home…in New England.
Too often…by that time of year…enough is enough.

Although I haven’t returned since 2006, I think of my own little festive piece of paradise often.

Warm sun. Sandy beaches. Friendly people. Delicious food. A true vacation.
In fact, we loved it so much, we visited twice one year.

In June, 2000 we went with our two children. Ages 18 and 12 at the time. It was one of our last family vacations…for just the four of us.

One of the highlights of our week away was a day trip to the Del Mar Fair…now called the San Diego County Fair. The longest midway I’d ever seen. Games of chance. Farm animal exhibits. Pig races. Carnival rides. Crafts. Dozens of commercial vendors selling everything from license plate holders to tomato slicers to “Smart Nails.” Everything As Seen On TV and more.

Entertainment was nonstop throughout the day…including an evening Little Richard concert. And the food? Oh my goodness – my first taste of sweet potato fries with a ranch dressing dip. Who knew?

Views from the ferris wheel…

del mar fair 2000

del mar fair 2005 copy 2







Funny Faces

This post inspired by April photo a day challenge

Today’s prompt: Funny


When my kids were growing up, they had a birthday party every year they wanted one.

Several actually. One with family. One with friends. Sometimes a celebration at pre-school as well.

Why not? Another year. Another milestone or two.
Time for cake. Presents. Games.
Fun with friends.

One tradition…a group photo.
Squirmy party guests lined up on the couch.

The first take: Smile Say Cheese!

The second: Make A Funny Face! Make A Silly Face!

Always the favorite.

Little children making funny faces never disappoint.


Six year old fun


Five year old fun